What is interests.me?

It’s a free-to-use self-managing community information platform. If that sounds a bit grand, think of it as a website featuring an online community noticeboard and shared community calendar, and a weekly email newsletter for a community.

It’s supported by a free web tool for community groups and local businesses, which helps with their communications. They can send email newsletters, publish online, share to social media, and even create print newsletters.

It’s a great way for a community to improve and enhance its use of social media. All the community information collected on the platform can also be shared to linked social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter). Interests.me provides a more organised way of gathering and showing local information than social media, but social media can help reach more residents.

It’s a central point for online information about your community. We are also able to pull in third party information about your community – for instance, events published elsewhere such as on Eventbrite, Meetup, or Facebook. These events can be automatically included in your community calendar and can be available for you to curate.

It can provide a feed of information about your community. If you want to use our content on an existing website (eg a parish council website), or in existing email newsletters, this is easy to do.