What is a community email?

It’s an automated weekly email which goes out on the same day each week, containing events and announcements from all the organisations in a community on interests.me.

It includes a community events calendar containing events happening locally over the next 2-3 weeks.

It also includes new articles (announcements) submitted during the last week.

It is lightly curated by the community administrators, who lightly vet events and articles before they go out.

Who receives the community email?

Anyone who has signed up to receive the email will be on the mailing list. To sign up to your local community email, go to your local community website and click on the 'Sign up to the community email' button at the top right. Most of our community websites are listed at https://interests.me/communities

Who manages and curates the community email?

Interests Media Ltd (trading as interests.me) sends out the community emails. We have a local administrator for many of our community websites and weekly emails – a local organisation which is well-connected and knows other local organisations. Most often these administrators are councils for voluntary service, councils, libraries or residents' groups, and occasionally they are local individuals. Some of our communities are unmanaged, and waiting for a local administrator to volunteer to curate the content. If you would like to be considered as a local administrator, please email helen@interests.me or fill out this form.

Where does the content come from?

Content is submitted directly by local organisations who have created an account with interests.me, and also collated (with permission) from other online sources where local information and events are provided.

Who can submit events or articles?

The community email is intended primarily for community events, announcements and news.

Although the community email is not intended primarily for promoting businesses, if your business provides events which are open to the community, please feel free to submit them. They may be included at the discretion of the community administrator.

How do I get my news, events or articles included?

Create a free account at the community website, and add your content.

Any community organisation (or business) can create a free account, and submit events or articles for inclusion in the email.

How does the community website relate to the community email?

The same content appears on the community website as in the community email.