What type of organisations can use interests.me to promote events or announcements?

Any local organisation, project or venture can post events and announcements to interests.me, particularly if the organisation, project or venture benefits their local community. We welcome all of the following:

*Clubs and societies
*Community groups
*Residents’ groups
*Local charities
*Projects and ventures
*Social enterprises
*Non-profit organisations
*Businesses providing community activities
*Public sector organisations
*Community-minded local businesses

In addition, any type of organisation or project is welcome to use interests.me as a free web tool for communications.

If you are an individual, you may also be permitted to register as an organisation. Examples of individuals doing so include local councillors who have local news and views to share, or local bloggers.

We cannot guarantee that every type of organisation, project or individual will be accepted into a community on interests.me, because each community has local administrators who have discretion about which organisations and projects are allowed to join.

Even if you are not accepted by a community, you may use our tool's features to send email newsletters, publish stories on your own public profile page, and share to social media.