What's involved in getting a community up and running?

♣ Acting as a gatekeeper – you’ll receive an email when any new organisation asks to join and you’ll need to decide if it’s appropriate (and email them if you’re not sure).
♣ Very light curation of the content of the community website and weekly community email. The community email goes out on a defined day of the week, and can be edited anytime up until that day. It only takes a few minutes and then the email goes out automatically.
♣ Promoting interests.me to groups - ie telling them about it, that they can post events etc for free, and telling them about the web tool which helps them with communications in general. We can provide leaflets to help.
♣ Promoting interests.me to residents so that the audience for all the community content grows. We can provide posters and leaflets. If you have the appetite and inclination you could use the content on social media channels to encourage residents to sign up.
♣ If you want to, add content yourself. You can do this by taking photos of posters on noticeboards, uploading them and turning them into events on the platform.