Adding a team member

An organisation or project can have an unlimited number of team members.

Team members can have access to none, one, several or all mailing lists, as defined by the account owner (the owner of the account for that organisation or project).

Team members can do the following actions:
* Add subscribers to a mailing list which they have access to
* Send email newsletters to a mailing list to which they have access
* Delete subscribers from a mailing list they have access to
* Appoint other team members for a mailing list they have access to
* Create, edit and delete stories for themselves and others to use

To add a team member, the account owner or an existing team member should go to the "Team Members" tab (which can be found under 'Settings', denoted by a spanner in the top right), and enter the email address of the new team member to be invited. The new team member will receive an email asking them to create an personal account, and they will be able to create their own password and login.