How secure is the system?

Data security & privacy really are our top priorities at

SSL / TLS Encryption
All communications with the website are sent over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connections. SSL technology protects communications by using both server authentication and data encryption. This ensures user data in transit is safe, secure, and available only to its intended recipients.

User Authentication
User data on the database is segregated by account-based access rules. User accounts have unique email address based usernames, and passwords.

Data Encryption
Sensitive user data, such as account passwords, is stored in encrypted format. User application passwords are individual salted and hashed before being stored, rendering them unreadable by others. We do not store payment information, but use a trusted third party payment system called Stripe.

Data Ownership & Portability enables organisations to maintain full ownership of their email address data (mailing lists), and keeps this information safe from other organisations and users. allows organisations to export their data from our system so that they can back it up, or use it with other applications.

Data Protection is a registered Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), with the reference ZA063879. We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Privacy has a comprehensive privacy policy on the website that provides a transparent view of how data is handled, including how it’s used, who it’s shared with, and how long it’s retained.

Organisational Security’s software developers work with dummy database data. Only our most highly vetted employees (currently the founders) have access to the live database environment.