"My event is not showing up in the weekly community email. What's wrong?"

If you are promoting a local event, and your event is not showing up in the weekly community email, and in the Calendar section of the community website, there are a few possible explanations:

  1. Your event may be too far in the future to come up in the email yet. The email features events from the next 2-3 weeks only. If you have entered the event correctly and specified the event details in the 'Add event details' section, it will show up 2-3 weeks ahead of the event.

  2. You may have created a 'story' without telling our system about the event details using the 'Add event details' section. Go back into the story and click on 'Add event details' and make sure you specify the date and time of your event, and its location. Re-save the story, and it should now appear in the 'What's On' section of the community website.

  3. It may be an event which is duplicated by another event - in other words, someone might have added an event which is identical or very similar. In this case, the editor of the weekly community email may have suppressed your version of the event in order to prevent the same event being featured twice. If you are the organiser of the event, it is unlikely that it will be your version which will have been suppressed.

  4. Your event may have been excluded by a local editor. Check the event for any obvious reason why it might have been excluded - for instance, duplication, poorly written text, or offensive content. If it is not local to the community, it may also have been excluded for relevance reasons. If you believe it should be featured, duplicate it, make some changes and re-publish, and it will be reconsidered.

If you're still puzzled as to why your event is not featured, contact us at support@interests.me and we'll look into it for you.