User Guide: Being an Administrator for a Community

  • How do I control which organisations join my community calendar?

    If you manage a community, you'll get an email every time a new organisation asks to join your community. You'll be able to click on this email to say whether you accept or decline this request. If an organisation is a member of your community, their published stories will automatically appear o...
  • Removing an organisation from my community

    To remove an organisation from your community, go to 'Web Publishing' and click on the 'Communities you manage' tab, and you will be able to see the organisations and projects that belong to your community, with the option to remove any of them. Removing them merely removes them from your commu...
  • Removing a story from my community

    At the moment it is not possible to remove a story from a community without removing the organisation who posted the story. To do this, see here