What permission do I need to email someone?

You need permission to email anyone from our system.

As stated in our terms of use, you must not send email newsletters to email addresses of people who have not given you explicit permission to email them. They should recognise the name of the organisation you're sending the email from, and should knowingly have given you permission to email them by giving you their email address for the purposes of receiving email newsletters.

If they do not recognise the name of your organisation, or believe that they have given you permission, it is likely they will believe your email to be spam (unwanted, unsolicited), and may unsubscribe from your newsletter or even report you.

If you currently email to a list of addresses using an email client (such as Outlook or Gmail), or if they receive regular emails via a CMS system or mailing list software, then you have already established permission to email them. If the mailing list members have been collected through a website where you have clearly stated that they will receive emails from you, then you have established consent.

You must not upload email addresses that have been purchased or obtained in any way that would not have allowed users to grant explicit consent to hear from your organisation. We monitor complaints from email recipients and will disable accounts that show high levels of bounces or complaints. If you are known as an organisation which sends unwanted emails, your emails are likely to get blocked even to subscribers who have given you their permission.