Adding an event or news to a community website or weekly email

Do you want to add an event or some information about your organisation to one of our community websites, or one of our weekly community emails?

If so, you'll need to create an account for your organisation, and link it to your local community. This is free and easy to do. You'll then be able to add an unlimited number of events or news items to share with your community.

Join via the community website
If you already know the community website you want to add your information to, go to that site and click on 'Add your news' or 'Add your event' (it doesn't matter which). Follow the instructions to tell us who you are, and a small amount of information about your organisation, and then you can directly submit information to the community website.

If you haven't reached us via the community website, but have received a community email instead, and want to know how to get your information in that email, find the link to the appropriate community website towards the bottom of the email.

Alternatively try typing the name of the place where you live plus "" into your browser. For instance if you live in Guildford, type into your browser.

I've signed up my organisation. Now how do I add an event or news story?
Click on 'Sign in' on your community website, and sign in using your email address and password. You'll be taken to the 'My Stories' page where you can click on "Create new story". To ensure it's featured on the community website and in the community email, make sure you leave the box called "Enable web publishing and social media sharing" ticked, and make sure you "Save Final". If you're sharing an event, make sure you add event details too. If you're adding repeat events, you might find this article helpful.
Does my information automatically get published?
Once your organisation is approved into the community, your information will be automatically published (if you choose to publish it). But first you'll need to get your organisation approved by the local community administrator. Most of our community websites are managed by a local administrator - and in most cases this is the local Council for Voluntary Service, or your local Council, or your local Library. The local administrator will receive an email immediately notifying them that you have asked to join, and they will be able to approve you if you represent an organisation they recognise as local and in keeping with the theme of the community.

What's the relationship between the community website and the community email?
They are linked. By submitting information for one, it usually automatically gets published on the other. Our community emails are automated emails summarising the most relevant and up-to-date information from the community website. They go out once a week, on the same day each week. If you have published information to the community website in the last week, or if your event is coming up, it will automatically be featured in this community email - as long as your organisation's membership of the community website has already been approved by our local administrator.

Any further questions about how this works? Get back to us, we're happy to help.