What is a team member?

An organisation or project can have only one owner, but it can have an unlimited number of additional team members.

Here we describe the difference between an owner of an organisation or project (the "account owner") and a team member.

The account owner is usually the person who has set up the account on interests.me, although it is possible to change the account owner. See the Knowledge Base article on how to do this here.

Account owners can do a few things that team members can't do:
* Change the settings for their organisation or project including the header image and logo, and its description
* Change the account owner. To find out how, click here.
* Choose what privileges each team member has. Team member privileges can be withdrawn at any time by the account owner, and team members can also be disconnected from the account by the account owner. The account owner can give team members access to all mailing lists, or some of them, or none of them.

Team members can do the following actions:
* Add subscribers to a mailing list which they have access to
* Send email newsletters to a mailing list to which they have access
* Delete subscribers from a mailing list they have access to
* Appoint other team members for a mailing list they have access to
* Create, edit and delete stories for themselves and others to use

To add a new team member, click here.