What email address will show as the 'From' email address?

The email address that your email newsletters will appear to come from will be in the format [organisation-name]@interests.me where the [organisation-name] is the first part of the domain name (URL) you've chosen for your organisation or project. Account owners can change this name, by going to 'Settings' (denoted by a spanner in the top right hand corner), clicking on 'Public profile page' and changing the name in the 'Public profile page', which will also change the domain name (URL) where your public profile page appears.

The reason we send your emails from a newly created email address (rather than coming from your own email address) is so that our system can handle all the bounces.

When one of your subscribers replies to this email address, their reply will be forwarded to the 'reply' email address you've specified for the mailing list. Each mailing list must have a 'reply' email address. You can change the 'reply' email address, by clicking into 'Email newsletters' then clicking 'Mailing Lists', selecting the relevant mailing list, and then finding the 'Settings' button at the top right. Choose 'Change list settings' and then change the email address in the 'Reply email' box.

If it's important to you that emails are sent from your personal email address instead of from an @interests.me address, please let us know, so that we know how much demand there is for this, and can consider adding this as an option.